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Legion Ventures and MetaFighter AMA SUMMARY

Note: This article is originally dated March 4th, 2022. It has been migrated to optimise our Medium publications.

Project and team introduction

Question 1:

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your journey through the crypto space?


I’ve been in crypto since 2014 but wasn’t actively working in this industry in 2016. I started working as a developer for a host of products.

I also consulted with ICO’s as there were many ICO rating platforms, most of which were unfair and gave poor ratings. Seeing this as a weakness, I decided to make my own ICO rating platform based on smart contracts to give potential investors a good, fair, and unbiased readout.

Then the bear market came and During that time, I worked at a Global Bank as an Advisor and a Senior Project Lead but my heart was in crypto and I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to come back.

I’m actually very grateful for experiencing the crypto bear market before I started this project because that’s where you learn the most and meet the true talent in crypto.

The true believers of crypto are found in the bear market. They are the builders of this space.

Question 2:

Can you give us an introduction to MetaFighter for our community? Tell us also a bit about the team behind the scene?


I would love to share with you guys about the team and how we came about. In order to do that I would like to take a step back and tell you how the vision of Metafighter came about. As a child, I would spend endless hours at the arcade mainly playing Street Fighter. It was something that all of my friends and I would do whenever we had free time. That enjoyment I had back then never left me and I was captivated with blockchain gaming. This was my opportunity to combine my experience of blockchain with my childhood passion. Thus the vision of MetaFighter was born.

So then I needed to assemble a team to make the dream a reality. I sought after the most talented people in the gaming industry and created my own gaming studio. Our lead artist was the artist for League of Legends and our 3D Animator from WoW Our developers are also the best in the industry which was a challenge in itself because talent is difficult to attain right now because of the competitive atmosphere in blockchain gaming.

Our marketing team has worked with very successful blockchain games and has immense experience in how to engage not only investors but also community and long-term involvement & participation.

Our vision is we want to be in this space long-term and that’s why we collected some of the best minds in this space. We’re all here because we see the potential of crypto and blockchain, games specifically, and if this is truly the beginning then we’re poised in the perfect position. How many times in your life can you say that you were at the right place at the right time?

Anyone can put together a team….but we’re assembling a team that’s Amazing in their backgrounds and the team will help the game/project succeed.

Question 3:

Please tell us more about the Fight to Learn, Fight to Earn, and Fight to Gain game modes? What does each one mean?


Fight to Learn…Anyone can join and play and start learning how to be a better fighter.

Fight to Earn…Now you’re fighting with the skillset and your newly developed skillset is helping you earn $MF tokens.

Fight to Gain is where you’re fighting to earn EXP which can lead to other lucrative opportunities.

Question 4:

What will be the minimum requirements to play Metafighter? Do we have to own an NFT to play? Please give us more details.


Great question…so this is where the Fight to Learn aspect comes in.

The beauty of MetaFighter is that we’re first building a game that will be fun for the players. They will not need any NFT or even any blockchain assets (such as Metamask) to connect with. We want players to start playing right away and then discover all the exciting earning attributes and potential.

You’re learning about the game …you’re learning how to become a better fighter…and you’re having fun! Just come and start experiencing the game.

Our focus is bringing in a gaming audience so they can see and experience our game in real-time. We’re confident in our game that it will have a repeatability factor and offer hours of continuous gameplay.

Question 5:

I will now move towards the $MF Tokenomics. Can you please tell us why investors should hold the $MF token and what are the token utilities?


Our token utility is very well thought and connected to the game ecosystem. E.g. just by holding your tokens, you will be able to leverage your EXP collecting in order to level up your NFT fighter which grants you access to more lucrative parts of the game. So players do have to hold some tokens to continue playing higher/more complex rounds where earning potential is greater.

Also, Staking will be an option to get extremely rare and exclusive NFT Fighters that aren’t available on the market and will only be available through staking. On the Top, you will need to hold your $MF Tokens to be eligible for an Arena NFT ownership where the biggest revenue stream for our players are waiting. Lastly, our vesting schedule will also slow down the token circulating supply which will also have a long-term positive effect on the token price. The more you hold…the greater the earning potential.

We really feel that taking all of this into consideration should alleviate a lot of selling pressure because it will help our gaming ecosystem grow.

Best Questions Twitter campaign

Question 1

“Will the rarity of the minted NFT impact the gameplay? Is there any strategy to balance the player skill vs the rarity of the NFT? Will there be a ranking system that will match the players based on their rank/level?”


So player skill will help earn EXP which in turn will help you get NFT’s. If you become a better fighter, thus earning more, but saving that EXP for rare NFT’s that helps your skillset….that’s the game-changer. Not only does this help the players that don’t necessarily have funds to outright buy NFT’s but this makes the entire game fairer.

We don’t want to exclude players because they may not have funds…..play, learn, get better, earn, and through that earning….get rarer NFT’s that will help you become a better fighter.

At this time there isn’t’ a ranking system ..you fight who you fight. …but this is an incentive to become a better fighter.

Question 2:

“Can you list 2 awesome features of your project that make it ahead of competitors? What are the competitive advantages that you feel most confident about?”


Well, I may be biased but I think all of our features are Awesome. The reason for this is because we have such amazing advisors and partners who have experienced other game downfalls and we’re learning from their mistakes.

So to be frank one of our advantages is our advisor base and the experience that they hold. We have the CEO of Netvrk as one of our key advisors guiding us every step of the way. The knowledge he and our other advisors hold is astounding.

They say one of the best ways to learn about the future is to learn history first…our advisors help us with this.

We may be a new game….but we have tons of experience!

Another key feature is that we’re focusing on our FUN factor for the game. We’re emphasizing PLAY & EARN vs PLAY TO EARN. Do you notice the difference? We want players to have fun playing the game and then as a perk have earnings….. Other Play to Earn games can be well…quite boring. And some of those games you need a PHD to figure out what to do…. With MetaFighter…you literally can start playing and start having fun right away.

Question 3:

The game has great potential and is similar to StreetFighter. But it needs more than the classic gameplay to attract players. How do you plan to adapt this classic to the blockchain era? What is your marketing strategy to attract P2E enthusiasts? Do you plan a mobile version?


With all due respect, I disagree with this statement.

We’re actually taping into the fun that Street Fighter brought to a generation of gamers. Who doesn’t want to play games that they had a blast playing as a kid and now you get all the added benefits of blockchain? We’re taping into that gaming nostalgia that I and others like me had growing up.

The fact that StreetFighter had such a huge audience and most people can relate to is what we’re counting on. Classic gameplay will attract players…the blockchain features will keep them. Familiarity brings players.

The Fun factor and the earning potential brings them back over and over and over again. We’re creating that repeatability factor and that’s what will help us create longevity. Sometimes you don’t need to recreate the wheel….you just need to make it better.

Question 4:

Can you tell us about the various features of the game? Are there any rewarding features for the players like staking, Earning, Trading, etc?


Well as stated earlier there’s earning potential from actually playing the game. But there are also other features such as:

  • NFT Marketplace (Trade, mint NFTs);
  • Staking for NFTs (Fighter, Skins, EXP Booster, Superpower);
  • Arena NFTs (Rent and advertise);
  • Governments (vote for future ingame Arts).

Question 5:

For any Gaming projects, E-Sports competitions and communities are important so what are your plans for having e-sport events to get some retail gamer attraction?


Excellent question!

So one of the exciting things about owning the Arena NFT’s is that you can have Fighting events held in the arena. So anyone (like corporations or YouTubers) can actually rent out the arena and hold competitions where they can sponsor prize pools. This can be a great team-building exercise as well.

There’s a lot of potential for earning for YouTubers if they hold events in the arenas of MetaFighter.

They can have prize pools and the monetary aspect of gaining will be built in.

There’s just so much potential, is a very exciting time.