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Project and team introduction

Question 1:

What is Fight of the Ages? Can you give us a brief description of the project?


Sure, our game will be in the MOBA RPG Genre. And We will have two playing mode: PvP and PvE:

FOTA is a Triple-A MOBA Game project owned by Meta DJINN PTE.LTD and based in SINGAPORE, with a fantasy universe inhabited by many races throughout the universe. In the world of FOTA

More than just a MOBA game platform, the development team has also introduced economic mechanisms and democracies through the DAO. With a view to turning this Metaverse platform into an ever more realistic universe that integrates Microsoft Mesh (a Microsoft Corporation platform pioneering in creating the most immersive Metaverse experience.

Question 2:

Can you tell us more about FOTA’s game concept as well as the features? And what currency will be used in the game?


For the PvE Mode, people can join:

  1. Daily Quest: layers will fully experience the storyline throughout the FOTA universe;
  2. Warrior Quest: he platform will organize events to maintain rankings for all players to promote development and help players get back the incentive rewards that are FOTA Tokens;
  3. Seasonal Quest: the platform will host side events that allow players to complete quests and receive Super Rare items or rewards.

For the PvP Mode:

  1. Arena: players can organize their own match at any time based on FOTA’s automatic matching algorithm;
  2. Duel: players can create rooms in 1v1 mode where each user controls 3 to 5 heroes, and 2v2 to 5v5 mode, where each user controls 1 hero;
  3. Tournament: are major competitions held on a quarterly or annual basis, in which players will be chosen as the champion with the title of The Universe Champion.

Especially that the Tournament in PvP Mode will be organized as E-Sport for many players around the world to combat.

For the game currency, $FOTA will be the main Currency to be used.

Question 3:

How far along are you with your roadmap and what should we expect in the coming weeks and months?


For the short-term, we already released our Marketplace and the Beta Testing Version for the internal testing. You can check for our Marketplace here:

Moreover, we already finished our Marketing Master Plan and collaborated with some famous Game Guild. You will see FOTA everywhere on the social network in the next couple of weeks.

Question 4:

Let’s talk about the token utility now. What role does the token play in the FOTA ecosystem?


Yeah, the Token plays a very crucial role in our business model

$FOTA Token is the soul of our Metaverse Economy.

Players or Investor can use $FOTA token with these cases:

  • Purchase Hero, Equipment, Skin in the game: Players will have to buy initial Hero as well as Common-class Equipment. Moreover, to level up their Hero and Equipment, it will require an amount of Aether as the energy for that activity. All common-class Heroes, Skin, Equipment, Aether can be purchased on our Official Store via $FOTA;
  • P2E Reward: After finishing the PvE Quest or PvP Battle, players will receive the reward in FOTA;
  • Farming: The investors can farm their free token to earn more profit.

Question 5:

Can you outline the different types of HEROES you will have in the game and explain how they are integrated into your game?


Yes, for the player to join the game they need to have Heroes at character to finish the mission or doing the combat.

We decided to create 8 races at the introduction of the games: Omni, Dragon, Elf, Keen, Human, Demon, Beast, Ogre. And there are 18 heroes in those 8 races.

However, more and more heroes and races will be introduced in the future.

Those Heroes will be the NFT asset, and you can transfer them on the Blockchain. Players can directly buy Hero with Level 0 at the Official Store on the FOTA Marketplace. Then, through participating in quests and battles, heroes can gain experience points that increase their Levels. With higher levels, heroes become more valuable on the FOTA Marketplace and bring players attractive income.

Best 5 Questions from the Twitter campaign

Question 1

“Do you have any Coin Burn / BuyBack systems or any Token Burn plans to increase the value of Token & attract Investors to invest?” @Robert27349602


For each transaction, 10% of the transaction fee will be used for:

  • 3% for the Developers
  • 2% for Referral
  • 5% for the Treasury

We have a mechanism we call the Treasury Fund. With each transaction, 5% of the transaction fee will be used for the Treasury. The Treasury will be used as an anti-inflation fund for the FOTA Marketplace. Besides, the Treasury will be used to buy back and burn the first NFTs listed for sale every quarter. For the amount in the Treasury that is not used up, these tokens will be burned at the end of each quarter.

Question 2:

“Can you list 1–3 killer features of this project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel most confident about?” @SoralyStyle


There are many killer features of FOTA which make FOTA different from other games and add extra value in it , I would I like to list some of them:

  • Rent-to-play: This model allows us to solve the problem of “high-entry Heroes”, which happens in most GameFi projects due to the increased price of characters and equipment in a long time. Long-time players can rent their abundant Heroes, Skins, Equipment in their free time and receive the extra profit. The newcomers can join the game with a lower fee when they don’t want to make a huge investment.
  • Cross NFT: This feature lets our users and players bring their valuable NFT to the second Saga of FOTA Metaverse (The Unity Saga and The World’s Saga). It also unlocks an opportunity for us to deploy many games inside Meta DJINN, which can utilize the initial NFT.

Question 3:

“Revenue is an important aspect for all projects to survive and maintain the project/company. How have you been able to build a complete project and what is the way to generate profit/revenue of the token? What is the income model?” @botman599


For us, our revenue will come from the sale of Common NFT (Heroes, item, skin) and Transaction fee on Market Place.

For the players, they can earn income via:

  • Play game
  • Trade NFT
  • Rent to play
  • Farming

Question 4:

“With the release of a new generation of Consoles, the gaming industry is on the hype. How does $FOTA plan to participate in the development of the blockchain gaming industry? What innovations does $FOTA bring to the gaming industry?” @Alinaa0311


In the past, players have accepted that their items are stuck forever in games and can’t move freely. Blockchain gaming serves to unchain those barriers and carry even more exciting developments. At FOTA, we implement Blockchain technology to:

  • Absolute Ownership: FOTA provides the NFT Assets as a tool for players to control and manage their crypto-asset, such as Heroes, Skin, Weapon, and other equipment in their private wallet.
  • Metaverse Economy: Blockchain acts as a layer 1 to power the entire financial and economic activities such as payment gateway, asset exchange, asset rent,…

Question 5:


“What kind of partnerships with different projects/platforms/protocols can we expect from $FOTA in the future? Could you give us some examples of how other projects can leverage $FOTA?” @Robert27349602


We already have some big names backing us such as Microsoft, we work with Microsoft to implement 2 technologies: Mixed Reality Technology and Microsoft Mesh. The MR Technology will be based on the HoloLens 2 device. And we already received the device from Microsoft to develop the app on it. Currently, FOTA is an official Microsoft partner for technology development.

And for upcoming partnerships we are cooperating with several Game Guilds which will help us to get more gamers on board .

Open AMA for additional questions

Question 1:

“FOTA has the Audit Certificate to ensure your token is safe and has high security to ensure players can store their assets. Do you estimate FOTA to perform multiple AUDITS on your smart contract? Also, what other features does the FOTA platform make secure?”


Security is most important for the project to build a trust with the community , FOTA is already audited by hacked and Certik . You can check them here



Question 2:

“Do you offer any kind of scholarship opportunities for players? Also, do they have educational programs and everything a person could need on their journey to becoming a profitable player in the FOTA metaverse? How can we learn more about the game?”


Yes, we have a Rent-to-play mechanism, which is a little bit different with Scholarship. This model allows us to solve the problem of “high-entry Heroes”, which happens in most GameFi projects due to the increased price of characters and equipment in a long time. Long-time players can rent their abundant Heroes, Skins, Equipment in their free time and receive the extra profit. The newcomers can join the game with a lower fee when they don’t want to make a huge investment.

Question 3:

When will the IDO and the launch of the project take place?


IDO expectedly happens at the end of this month after releasing the Beta test we will have an official announcement for this kind. Don’t forget to join our channel guys.

Explore here:


Official Channel:


#1 Official Group:


#2 Official Group:


Social Media:


Question 4:

“Where is FOTA road map now? Are all targets in accordance with the current road map? and what are the next steps that will be taken in the future?”


At the moment, we already released the Beta Testing version. And we are debugging it internally. In the next couple of weeks, we will introduce the Public Beta Version, so that many players can join in and send us the feedback. To be honest, the result is very positive now. We have some surprising sneak peeks for you guys.



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