1. Daily Quest: layers will fully experience the storyline throughout the FOTA universe;
  2. Warrior Quest: he platform will organize events to maintain rankings for all players to promote development and help players get back the incentive rewards that are FOTA Tokens;
  3. Seasonal Quest: the platform will host side events that allow players to complete quests and receive Super Rare items or rewards.
  1. Arena: players can organize their own match at any time based on FOTA’s automatic matching algorithm;
  2. Duel: players can create rooms in 1v1 mode where each user controls 3 to 5 heroes, and 2v2 to 5v5 mode, where each user controls 1 hero;
  3. Tournament: are major competitions held on a quarterly or annual basis, in which players will be chosen as the champion with the title of The Universe Champion.
  • Purchase Hero, Equipment, Skin in the game: Players will have to buy initial Hero as well as Common-class Equipment. Moreover, to level up their Hero and Equipment, it will require an amount of Aether as the energy for that activity. All common-class Heroes, Skin, Equipment, Aether can be purchased on our Official Store via $FOTA;
  • P2E Reward: After finishing the PvE Quest or PvP Battle, players will receive the reward in FOTA;
  • Farming: The investors can farm their free token to earn more profit.
  • 3% for the Developers
  • 2% for Referral
  • 5% for the Treasury
  • Rent-to-play: This model allows us to solve the problem of “high-entry Heroes”, which happens in most GameFi projects due to the increased price of characters and equipment in a long time. Long-time players can rent their abundant Heroes, Skins, Equipment in their free time and receive the extra profit. The newcomers can join the game with a lower fee when they don’t want to make a huge investment.
  • Cross NFT: This feature lets our users and players bring their valuable NFT to the second Saga of FOTA Metaverse (The Unity Saga and The World’s Saga). It also unlocks an opportunity for us to deploy many games inside Meta DJINN, which can utilize the initial NFT.
  • Play game
  • Trade NFT
  • Rent to play
  • Farming
  • Absolute Ownership: FOTA provides the NFT Assets as a tool for players to control and manage their crypto-asset, such as Heroes, Skin, Weapon, and other equipment in their private wallet.
  • Metaverse Economy: Blockchain acts as a layer 1 to power the entire financial and economic activities such as payment gateway, asset exchange, asset rent,…



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