Legion Ventures: Past, Present, and Future

Legion Ventures
4 min readDec 30, 2021


In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto published the Bitcoin Whitepaper. This was the spark that has led to the explosion in democratised finance — a financial system that is open, inclusive, and fair.

Since then, the democratisation of finance has been largely powered by smart contract enabled blockchains and layer one protocols through DeFi. As much as this is aligned with the goals of openness and inclusivity, the world of decentralised finance has been tainted by the same thing which taints the traditional financial system; greed.

It’s no secret that major venture capital firms are prioritised when it comes to token sales, often receiving the lowest prices and the highest returns. This is not democratized finance, this is TradFi dressed in blockchain.

In March of 2021, Legion Ventures set out to change this.

The Past

Launched by an 8 man team at the same time the world began to get a little weird, the Legion Ventures team began leveraging their collective decades of experience within the blockchain industry to identify and secure allocations in early-stage crypto projects.

The vision was clear; to democratise access to early-stage ventures through a community-driven venture capital fund.

Thus, Legion Ventures 1.0 was officially launched, bringing together the leaders of trusted and long established Romanian blockchain-focused communities.

The Present

In a little over 9 months, the Legion Ventures Community portfolio has grown to a valuation of $37m ($5.9m unlocked; $31.3m locked) off the back of more than $6.1m raised and invested in over 90 different projects.

We consider this phase in the Legion journey to be Legion Ventures 2.0, whilst we expand our reach of projects we’ve continued to expand our reach internationally and now connect investors across the globe. With a new and improved contribution system, a wide network of partners and connections, Legion Ventures goes from strength to strength.

Collectively, the Legion Ventures Community reaches over 500,000 individuals throughout the globe.

Legion Ventures in Numbers:

The Future

The team, and the community, at Legion Ventures have continued to deliver on our vision of the democratisation of early-stage funding opportunities.

Whilst we’ve continued to create an environment of open and accessible opportunities for all, the wider crypto industry has been over-saturated with launchpads and gated opportunities.

Introducing: Legion Ventures 3.0

As the Legion Ventures family continues to grow, so do our ambitions. Over the past few months, the Legion Ventures team has been focused on building the biggest upgrade in our history; Legion Ventures 3.0.

It’s worth noting that Legion Ventures 3.0 is not our ultimate goal, the fourth iteration will bring crypto investment to the masses in a simplified and streamlined process that has never been seen before. Stay tuned for 4.0, too!

We could not be more excited to share with you our novel, innovative, solution to the Launchpad Problem.

The Launchpad Problem

It’s no secret that there is an over-saturation of launchpads in the Cryptoverse. This saturation has led to the inaccessibility of allocations in early stage projects.

If you are one of the lucky few who stake tens of thousands of dollars in launchpad tokens and get chosen to receive an allocation, the allocations you receive are often pitiful at best. Not only are the allocations small but you’re also exposed to market volatility by holding their tokens.

TL;DR: An over saturation of launchpads and launchpad tokens have resulted in a bad deal for launchpad participants (and a great deal for those running the launchpads).

By leveraging innovation and NFTs, Legion Ventures is ready to solve this.

Our Solution: The Legion Ventures NFT Collection

Our team has objectively assessed the launchpad model, its pros and cons, and developed a solution through non-fungible tokens.

Instead of small allocations, NFT holders will receive more valuable allocations.

Instead of a short-term token model, a long-term NFT model that accrues value with your portfolio.

Instead of illiquid token holding, the ability to access your liquidity on-tap through our own Marketplace.

Whilst we can’t share more on the specifics of the Legion Ventures NFT Collection, what we can say is this:

We’re on track to revolutionise the access to early-stage crypto opportunities for the Legion Ventures Community. We’ll be combining innovation with incredible art to deliver an incredibly valuable set of NFTs with real utility.

The Legion Ventures Crypto Fund

The majority of the funds raised through the sale of the NFT Collection will be used to create the first Legion Ventures Crypto Fund. The fund will be used to invest in high-quality crypto projects and 20% of the profits generated will be given back to the NFT Holders at the end of each calendar year.

The aim of the fund is twofold:

  1. To add additional utility to our NFT Collection and reward the NFT Holders each year with the profits generated by the investments the LV team will make during each year.
  2. To prove a crypto fund is one of the best investments that someone new to crypto can make and which can generate outstanding returns when compared to the traditional market. It will be a testbed for future products that we’re thinking of launching further down the road such as a DAO.

The main goal of the upcoming NFT Collection is to be an investment that will continue to increase in value as you hold it or participate in our deals.

A full breakdown of the NFT Collection and the structure of the LV Crypto Fund will be available in the next article.

Stay Tuned

Keep up to date, and join the community, to be the first to know when Legion Ventures 3.0 kicks off.







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