4 min readApr 24, 2024

Legion, it’s almost time.

Next month will see the launch of $LEGION, the token that powers the Legion ecosystem.

The past few months have shown the full force of the Legion Community. And that force is undeniably enormous.

Our Galxe and Zealy campaigns have been a tremendous success. Legion’s portfolio of partners, investments, and backers, continues to grow at a rapid pace.

For now, it’s heads down to ensure a smooth launch of $LEGION. But first, let’s take a look back at the success of our campaigns and, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, take a look at the airdrop recipients across our marketing campaigns and platform users.

Legion on Zealy & Galxe

Our Zealy campaign rocked the Zealy platform with:

  • More than 32,000 participants
  • Millions of quests completed
  • Legion took the #1 community position in Zealy for more than 14 consecutive days

Whilst Galxe took Legion out of the stratosphere with:

  • 42k+ participants
  • Across 40+ countries (!) — Legion is international!
  • Hundreds of thousands of tasks completed
Legion on Zealy

The impact the campaigns have had on the Legion community has been tremendous with tens of thousands joining our Discord, Telegram, and following us on X.

Click here for Zealy Campaign Winners
Click Here for Galxe Campaign Winners

This, though, is just the beginning.

Did I Get an Airdrop?

Short answer; probably.

Legion has allocated 5% of the total supply of the $LEGION token for the following airdrops:

1% — Platform users (Investments & OTC Trading)

2.8% — Social Media Campaign participants

1% — Legion NFT Holders

0.2% — Exchange Airdrops

Platform Users — 10,000,000 $LEGION

This one was simple; if you’ve been an active investor with Legion, whether through initial investment opportunities or our OTC platform, a portion of $LEGION is dedicated to you.

You can check your wallet and $LEGION allocation here.

Oh, and refunds can be frustrating, right?!

Don’t worry, we get it.

That’s why we’ve allocated 0.5% of the total supply of $LEGION for those who’ve invested with us but, for whatever reason, ended up with a refund. Take a look at those allocations here.

Social Media Campaigns — 20,000,000 $LEGION

Show your support and join the Legion community = get rewarded!

20,000,000 $LEGION tokens are reserved for those who participated in our Galxe and Zealy campaigns alongside a handful of smaller campaigns we ran.

If you participated in any (or all!) of these campaigns, check to see if you’ve been allocated $LEGION here:

The Zealy Bonus

On top of the 20,000,000 $LEGION tokens allocated for our marketing campaigns, we’ve thrown in 10 Tirones NFTs for participants of the Zealy campaign.

10 Zealy participants have been selected, at random, to win a Tirones NFT (last sale was 1.59E, and there is no floor price (nobody wants to sell iykyk 👀)).

These rewards have been sent to the wallets highlighted in green on the Zealy reward sheet.

Future Social Media Quests — 8,000,000 $LEGION

❗Alpha: An additional 8,000,000 $LEGION are reserved for an upcoming campaign before TGE.

Keep your eyes peeled, anon.

Legion NFT Holders — 10,000,000 $LEGION

Ah, our favorite bunch. The true OGs. Those who joined Legion early in our journey and supported us over the last three years.

Thank you, truly, for all your support.

1% of the $LEGION token supply will be allocated to Legion NFT holders. This will be a real-time process — if you sell your Legion NFT prior to the TGE and claiming process you will not be eligible to claim your share of the $LEGION airdrop.

Exchange Airdrops — 2,000,000 $LEGION

In the best interest of $LEGION token holders, we’ve reserved 0.20% of the token supply for future airdrops with exchanges. This puts us in a better position to negotiate $LEGION listings on top-tier CEXs.

Keep an eye out for more news on this.

The Claiming Process

Shortly, we will announce the launch of a claiming portal. If your address has been allocated $LEGION you just need to head there to claim the airdrop.

$LEGION will initially launch on Ethereum with a plan to bridge to Base ~60 days post-launch.

Learn more by joining us on Discord and following on X.