The $LEGION Token Launch

5 min readMay 28, 2024


Founded in 2021, Legion, formerly Legion Ventures, is an early-stage, community-driven, VC with one goal; to make private investment opportunities, well, not so private.

Over the last three years at Legion, we’ve enabled our community to invest in top-tier projects, such as; LayerZero, SEI, Celestia, Starknet, Zeta Chain, and others.

Now, we’re on the precipice of the next chapter of our Web3 journey; tokenization of our ecosystem and incentive alignment for the entire community.

Get ready for the launch of $LEGION, the utility token powering the Legion ecosystem!

This complete guide provides everything you need to prepare for the launch of $LEGION.


$LEGION will launch on the Ethereum network initially, with plans to expand to multiple chains, starting with Base, and expanding out to other chains.

Circular Economy

Our tokenonomics create a self-sustaining economy that continuously generates value for the platform and users.

In contrast to most platforms, most profits generated by the platform, including transaction fees and investment revenue, are reinvested back into the system while rewarding loyal token holders, stakers, and users.

Through multiple revenue streams, Legion intends to grow its Community Fund. This fund will be operated by a DAO which will make decisions to grow it further through new investments, $LEGION buybacks and burns, or compensate the community for failed investments.

Meanwhile, a portion of the revenue is constantly shared amongst $LEGION stakers.

There are only three ways for value to leave the economy: revenue-sharing payouts to NFT and $LEGION token holders, rewards and incentive programs and a deflationary buy-back and burn mechanism from the OTC Trading fees.

Community Fund

Investing in projects on Legion generates revenue, and 50% of this revenue will go to the Community Fund as platform fees. OTC Trading Fees will be used to buy and burn $LEGION tokens, creating a deflationary economic model.

In short: More trades → more fees → more $LEGION burnt.

The Community Fund, governed by NFT holders through the Council, initially distributes revenue to NFT holders. However, the Council can change how the fund is used in the future. Some examples of fund usage could be:

  • Cover the loss of failed investments,
  • Invest in new projects,
  • Extra buyback and burn of $LEGION tokens or NFTs, etc.

Token Utility — STAKE & EARN

Tiered system

Get discounts on platform fees based on the amount of $LEGION you stake

The $LEGION token serves as the primary utility token within the Legion ecosystem, offering several key functionalities to its holders. Firstly, it provides access to top quality investment opportunities on a first-come, first-served (FCFS) basis for stakers, ensuring priority access to tier-1 projects. Other utilities include passive income through the automatic revenue share mechanism, discounted fees on the Legion platform for OTC deals, and staking APR.

Additionally, the token facilitates token burning mechanisms by allowing platform fees to be paid with $LEGION, contributing to a continuous burning mechanism generated by buying back tokens from the market and burning them using revenue generated from OTC trading. Overall, the $LEGION token plays a crucial role in enabling access, passive income, fee discounts, and token burning mechanisms within the Legion ecosystem, enhancing its utility and value proposition for holders.

*Discounts apply only for the OTC trading fees

Pre & Post-TGE Staking

Before we launch the token, Pre-TGE staking will enable anyone from the Seed & Private rounds holding the $LEGION token to enjoy discounted fees, revenue share and a chance to invest in top quality projects while also earning additional $LEGION tokens.

More details can be found in our here.

We have partnered with several launchpads and platforms to allow their users to participate in our private round. The allocation may differ depending on the platform. Here’s a quick breakdown:


Private Round Launchpads

The initial market cap was reduced to $580k, and exchanges will be announced soon with the listing happening in June.


Legion has earned over $1.3m in revenue as of May 2024. We expect this to grow substantially as we expand our product offering, the number of high-quality deals available to our community, and the volume on our OTC marketplace. In turn, $LEGION stakers will be rewarded generously.

Our recent investments in SEI, Celestia, LayerZero, ZetaChain, OpenAI, Starknet, and others have helped us reach a current TVL of $4m. We’re aiming for a 10x increase by EOY.

We expect to distribute over $15.5 million to $LEGION holders between now and 2026.

Our platform will launch with a FDV of $12 million, leaving a dramatic amount of room for growth. Similar projects have reached FDVs of $300m+ in a few months.

In addition to the revenue-sharing model, $LEGION will integrate a burn mechanism, with 100% of transaction fees paid using $LEGION being burned.

5% of $LEGION’s total supply, valued at around $600k, will be airdropped to various groups: 2% to Platform Traders, 2% to Social Media Airdrop Campaign Participants, and 1% to Legion NFT Holders.

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