The Legion Ventures NFT Community Whitelist

3 min readJan 21, 2022


The Legion Ventures NFT Community Whitelist

As promised in our Whitelist announcement tweet, we’ve reserved 100 Legion Ventures NFT Whitelist spots for those of you who have helped us on our journey to where we are today.

These ones are for the most valuable member of the Legion Ventures Team; you, our community.

How Do I Know If I’m Eligible for Whitelisting?

In the below Google sheets are the users/wallets eligible for the 100 Legion Ventures NFT Whitelist spots.

Most engaged Twitter users

Top investors

Criteria for the top investors to be eligible:

  • Over $10,000 total investment OR
  • Over 10 projects invested in OR
  • Over $4,000 total investment & invested in 5+ projects

50 spots are up for grabs based on previous investments:

  • 30 Tirones
  • 12 Principa
  • 5 Centuri
  • 3 Primus

Criteria for the Twitter users to be eligible:

More than or equal to 10 all-time retweets on @Legion_Ventures twitter

The data analyzed to come to these results involved more than 16,200 retweets.

50 spots are up for grabs based on all-time social engagement:

  • 30 Tirones
  • 13 Principa
  • 5 Centuri
  • 2 Primus

We’ve selected 264 Twitter users & 315 investors to be eligible for the 100 whitelist spots. There are around 450 unique entries when we exclude the team wallets from the top investors list and the overlap between investors and engagement Whitelist spots.

Process To Secure Your Spot

1. Please choose the NFT tier for which you already have the funds or for which you are at least 50% sure you’ll gather funds for

2. Opt-in for, at most, 3 tier options

3. If you find yourself on both lists, you’ll only be eligible for 1 whitelist spot


If MissOneLife which is ranked 1st in the engagement list and opts for Primus they’ll 100% have a 100% chance of getting the Primus NFT Whitelist spot.

If Lenghel3 which is ranked 112 in the engagement list opts for Primus, Centuri, and Tirones:

  • They’ll get Primus only if Primus was chosen by 1 other user above him in the rankings
  • They won’t get Centuri if Centuri was opted-in by more than 5 users above him in the rankings
  • They will get Tirones only if at most 29 other users above him in the rankings opted-in for Tirones.

If Bentheman5241 which is ranked 31st in the engagement list opts for Tirones and Principa:

  • They will not get Tirones if the first 30 members on the list above him chose Tirones as NFT option 1
  • They will get Principa only if 12 others above him in rankings chose Principa.

We’ll announce tomorrow the approach on how you’ll actually provide us your 3 NFT options & wallet information.

In the meantime, think it over for which NFT tier whitelist spot you’d like to opt-in (the one you are at least 50% you can afford).

Note: you’re allowed to trade your whitelist spot, but LV won’t be involved in the process. All trades should be done through DMs, do not spam our channels.

Thank you for your continued support and welcome to the future of passive income.

All the best,

Legion Ventures Team