The Legion Ventures NFT Community Whitelist

How Do I Know If I’m Eligible for Whitelisting?

In the below Google sheets are the users/wallets eligible for the 100 Legion Ventures NFT Whitelist spots.

Criteria for the top investors to be eligible:

  • Over $10,000 total investment OR
  • Over 10 projects invested in OR
  • Over $4,000 total investment & invested in 5+ projects
  • 30 Tirones
  • 12 Principa
  • 5 Centuri
  • 3 Primus

Criteria for the Twitter users to be eligible:

More than or equal to 10 all-time retweets on @Legion_Ventures twitter

  • 30 Tirones
  • 13 Principa
  • 5 Centuri
  • 2 Primus

Process To Secure Your Spot

1. Please choose the NFT tier for which you already have the funds or for which you are at least 50% sure you’ll gather funds for


If MissOneLife which is ranked 1st in the engagement list and opts for Primus they’ll 100% have a 100% chance of getting the Primus NFT Whitelist spot.

  • They’ll get Primus only if Primus was chosen by 1 other user above him in the rankings
  • They won’t get Centuri if Centuri was opted-in by more than 5 users above him in the rankings
  • They will get Tirones only if at most 29 other users above him in the rankings opted-in for Tirones.
  • They will not get Tirones if the first 30 members on the list above him chose Tirones as NFT option 1
  • They will get Principa only if 12 others above him in rankings chose Principa.



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A community driven venture capital that enables conventional retail investors to invest in early stages alongside the professionals and major players.