The Quest(s) to Liberate Web3

2 min readJun 7, 2024


Anons, Degens, and all other retail investors, the mission of Legion is simple; to invest early in top crypto projects and level the VC landscape in Web3.

To liberate the everyday investor from the oversized pockets of major VC firms who just want to pump and dump.

To level the playing field.

We want you to join us on this mission.

Oh, and there’ll be plenty of rewards in it for you on the way.

That’s why, today, we’re announcing the launch of the Legion Quests platform.

The premise is simple;

Okay, for real, all we ask is that you participate in Legion’s growing community, support us on social, and call us out when we’re doing the wrong (and right!) things.

In return, you’ll earn XP.


Simple, right?


We’ve allocated a gigantic $100,000 to our community building efforts and we’re giving it all to you, Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms/ Reader.

The more XP you earn on the Quests Platform, the more $LEGION you’ll receive when it’s airdropped to participants.

From website visits, quizzes, to Social Media support — our quests will only take a minute of your time, but the rewards will be more than worth it.

Get Started

The platform has been built from the ground up with our community in mind, so getting started is easy.

  1. Head to the Quests Platform
  2. Connect your wallet on the Ethereum network (dw, anon, you won’t have to pay any gas fees to participate in the Quests)
  3. Scroll down (and up!), find a section you wanna dive into and begin completing the tasks!

You will be required to connect your X, Discord, and Telegram accounts for certain tasks. Data is SAFU. We cannot ever post on your account.

Refer & Earn

It wouldn’t be a real Quest platform without a bit of referral pazazz, right?

As soon as you’ve earned 100xp from the tasks you’ve completed, you’ll unlock your referral link.

Simply send that to a friend, family member, fellow degen — anyone — and when they complete a task, you’ll take home a bag full of XP.


Join Us

Issues? Bugs? Wanna shill your referral link?

The best place to do that is over on our X and Discord